MEMBER: Brian Foster

Exercise (and for the most part that's involved running) has always been a huge part of my life. Sometimes when I'm in a good zone I like to think of myself as a pure 'athlete', and then there are other times when I think of my exercise as purely as a tool to better manage my diabetes. It's been a source of enjoyment, frustration, and contentment; sometimes all within the same run. Even as I sit to compose my story, I come up with more adjectives to describe what I've gotten out of running and what it's meant for me. The point is my parents told me I could do anything, regardless of having diabetes - and I chose to be an exercise junkie.

I can't tell you how many times I heard the word 'no you can't, you're diabetic,' as a child. Not by my parents mind you, but by others who knew very little about diabetes. My parents encouraged me to do whatever I wanted, regardless of the obstacles put up by others. I chose to try and spread the word that those with diabetes can do anything.

Parents, never hold your kids back regardless of any fears you might have, you'll be surprised at just what your children can achieve, despite what others may label as a 'handicap.'