Elite Team  

Matt Vogel
Triathlon, marathon, ski, snowboard. Diabetes since 1990. Pump wearer since 2000. Would like to complete Ironman Hawaii triathlon. Founder of Insulin Factor. more >>

Maggie Tepas
Over 5 marathons including Rome and Kona. Founder of Insulin Factor. more >>
Brian Foster
Running and Triathlon. Boston Marathon, National Triathlon Championships... just to name a few. more >>

Steve Holmes
Road racing and Triathlon. more >>

Bill King
Over 12 marathons, Team Diabetes marathon coach, national board member of the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association. Pump wearer since 1996. more >>
Joe Solowiejczyk, RN MSW CDE
President of InBalance Healthcare, a counseling and education service for health care professionals and adults and children with diabetes. Enjoys cycling and backpacking. more >>
Gloria Yee, RN CDE
Enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and photography. more >>