MEMBER: Bill King

• 43 years old, developed diabetes in 1984
• DCCT/EDIC study participant since 1988
• Married (Betsy King, BSN-school nurse)
• Father of 2 children (Billy-9 & Megan-11)
• Marathon Runner-10 since pump including Boston twice ('97 & '98) and Phila.('96, '97 and '02) Currently training to compete in both the Las Vegas and Boston Marathons early next year.
• Insulin pump wearer since 6/96
• ADA Associate Volunteer Leadership Counsel member in Pennsylvania and Delaware
• ADA Team Diabetes Marathon Coach
• National Board Member of the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association
• Past speaker at Team Diabetes Events in Dublin, Maui, Kona, and Orlando
• National Motivational Speaker at diabetes conferences, camps and support groups

Suggested Discussion and/or Speaking Topics
• Exercise Is King
• Balancing Life with Diabetes
• Diabetes and Exercise
• Running with Your Meter (and your strips, and your insulin, and your glucose tabs…)
• The Exercise Rx - "getting the right start to your diabetes exercise program"

Excerpt from Diabetes Positive, Spring 2001:

…For most people, running a marathon is only a distant dream. But for Bill King it's very much a reality. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1984, he's run seven marathons since 1996. Two years ago he ran the prestigious and grueling Boston Marathon in a blistering three hours and nine minutes.

What's the secret to his success? He credits his excellent health to several things.

One of them is a positive attitude. "One of the key components to dealing with diabetes successfully is keeping an upbeat attitude," Bill says. "Keeping diabetes under control is labor-intensive. It's a ton of work. The people who do it most successfully are those who stay positive about it."

Another key: keeping tight control over his blood sugar levels. Bill was a participant in the landmark Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, which proved beyond doubt that intensive treatment of diabetes, reduces the risk of complications dramatically.
"There was a time in my life when I accepted the idea that one day I would die from complications of diabetes," Bill says. "But I don't believe that any more." Bill started using an insulin pump in 1996 and he swears by it. He's such a fan, in fact, that two years ago he left a good job with Kodak to go to work for the Animas Corporation, which manufactures the insulin pump he wears today…
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