Utah Border-to-Border Ride: Day 2

Brad, David, Matt S., Joe, Matt V., Kim, Pete, and Derek.

Insulin Factor riders depart.

Quick BG check.

Derek ready to take some sweet camera shots.

"We're almost to Milford."

Nice paceline.

The welcome banner blowing in the wind.

Our Milford motorcycle escort, Bubba.

It's time to eat at Penny's Diner.

Date: Destination, Miles
4/1: S Border (pre-ride), 0 mi
4/2: Cedar City, 77.9 mi
4/3: Milford, 53.5
4/4: Delta, 74.1
4/5: Santaquin, 71.8
4/6: West Valley City, 68.0
4/7: Ogden, 42.5
4/8: Northern Border, 63.1
4/9: South Tow Center, 15.0
Total: 465 miles

April 3: Cedar City to Milford
57 miles, 1210 ft elevation gain
48 mph max speed, 23.3 mph avg. speed

The day started with furious knocking on our door. "Are you guys ready to go in there?!?" Oh no, Derek (camera guy and my roommate) and I goofed on the daylight savings time change, so we were an hour late! After a rush packing job, we wolfed down breakfast, and ran out the door to meet the rest of the group.

We took some pictures in our Insulin Factor jerseys and started our ride to Milford, UT. The weather was nice… cool temperature, clear sky, and a slight breeze. I tested my new shifter a few times, going up and down the gears. I'm not sure how I rode those 80 miles yesterday with only two gears. Just as I was looking forward to a bike maintenance free day, I heard a "ping," immediately followed by a, "pss, pss, pss, pss." I ran over a small nail and had a flat tire! After a quick tube change, we were off again.

The first 30 minutes of the ride, my legs were a little tired, but after spinning in a low gear, I felt pretty good. That slight breeze eventually turned into a great tailwind. Luckily, we had the wind to our backs throughout our ride to Milford. The desert route was relatively flat with one section of rolling hills. Because of the wind, we averaged 30 mph on the flat sections of road. The rolling hill section ended with a great downhill, where I reached 48 mph!

We did some camera shooting on the a few sections of the downhill. Derek took some great shots from the back of the SAG car, while we followed behind at 35 mph. While filming, he directed us to go single file, then two-by-two, and then four across. I tried my hardest not to look at the camera while we shooting. The two-by-two shots were tricky for us riders. We had to watch the road, SAG car, other riders, other cars, all while battling a strong cross wind.

We arrived in Milford and were met by Bubba, our motorcycle escort! He led us to the Oak Inn, where we were greeted by cheering supporters! They were holding a great banner that said, "Welcome to Milford, Border-to-Border Riders!" Unfortunately, the wind was pretty strong and tore the banner apart. We thanked everyone for their support and grabbed lunch at Penny's Diner.

Today's ride was relatively easy, which was warmly welcomed after yesterday's grueling 98 mile trek.

BG, Carbs, Etc.

I woke up feeling a little low, which was confirmed with 65 blood sugar. I ate 120 gm of carbs for breakfast and bloused for 90 gm. Throughout the ride, I used a 0.10 u/hr basal rate, ate 15-30 gm of carbs every 45 minutes, and my BG's ranged from 105 to 147. At the end of the day, I ate over 500 grams of carbs.

Matt's Daily Numbers, Freestyle CoPilot.