Utah Border-to-Border Ride: Day 6

The bike path ends, "Now what?"

Kim being interviewed by Channel 5.

Eric helping Dave fix a flat.

Take 3 of Pete's Fox News interview, he really is getting better in front of the camera.

Lunchtime at Subway.

Eric from Bingham's Cyclery waits for the riders.

Matt S. comes in a close second up "Toll Hill."

The "Bistro 258 Brothers."

Kim riding through downtown Ogden.

Pete muscles his luggage into the hotel room.

Matt and Matt messing around with the hotel mirror.

Matt S. enjoying the sights and sounds of Ogden.

A great team dinner provided by Bistro 258.

"No Limits Cycling" riders and supporters.

Eric, Dave, and Matt S. enjoy their Mediterranean pasta.

Matt: "Let's always be roommates."
Derek: "I can't wait to have my own room."

"It's nice to be on Daddy's lap again."

"I love brownies and ice cream and chocolate! It's only 100 gms of carbs."

Date: Destination, Miles
4/1: S Border (pre-ride), 0 mi
4/2: Cedar City, 77.9 mi
4/3: Milford, 53.5
4/4: Delta, 74.1
4/5: Santaquin, 71.8
4/6: West Valley City, 68.0
4/7: Ogden, 42.5
4/8: Northern Border, 63.1
4/9: South Tow Center, 15.0
Total: 465 miles

April 7: Sandy to Ogden
65 miles
47 mph max speed, 18.0 mph avg. speed

"Whoah, what time is it? 2:13am… I'm starving. Where am I? Right, the hotel room. Why am I awake and hungry? My BG is low, where's the food? I have some stuff in my suitcase. Where's the light? Forget it, I'll feel my way there. Ouch, that's my toe hitting the end of the desk. Here's my suitcase, open it up. Feel, feel… Shirts, jerseys, shorts, Clif Bar! No, I want a protein bar. Where are they? Feel, feel… Protein powder canister, no. Here we go… A delicious protein bar… Open it, eat it in 3 bites. Jump into bed, back to sleep."

I woke up at 8:30 am and saw the protein bar wrapper on the floor. I guess my nighttime low BG wasn't a dream. I did a quick check and I was 145. I'm so glad I didn't eat everything in my suitcase, like I did a few nights ago. That's three nights in a row with low BG's. I should decrease the nighttime basal rates on my insulin pump, since this riding is making me more sensitive to insulin. I'll do that tonight.

We started today's ride along the Jordan River Parkway Bike Path. It was great to bypass all the Salt Lake City suburb traffic. About 15 minutes into the ride, everyone stopped. The bike path ended abruptly at a section of the Jordan River. "Now what? Where do we go?" I asked Pete. He led us to an overpass, where the bike path eventually continued.

My legs felt pretty good, although I started to feel a sharp pain on the top of my left knee cap. Maybe it will go away as I warm up. Pete stopped to answer his cell phone. It was Pat, his wife, calling to tell us that some local news stations may call to interview the team. Twenty minutes later, KLS Channel 5 called and wanted to know where we were, to film us riding through Salt Lake City. We met the news camera guy at an Arby's parking lot, where Kim talked about our 7 day ride. It was fun to get some news coverage.

We continued on our way to Ogen. "Yikes, my knee is feeling worse with every pedal stroke." I thought to myself. "I'll just stay in the back of the pack and take it easy." After 30 minutes, the pain was almost gone. Pete stopped again to answer his phone.

"Fox 13 will be here in 5 minutes," Pete said. When everything was set up, the Fox guy shoved the microphone in front of Pete's face and asked, "Now why are you doing this thing again?" After a few takes, Pete clearly talked about the mission of our Border-to-Border Ride. The interview ended and we were back on the road.

"Ouch, my knee is hurting again!" I realized all the starting and stopping was really irritating my knee. I don't want to stop anymore, even if Oprah calls to interview us. We rode for another hour and stopped for lunch. I did lots of stretching and my knee felt decent. After a nice Subway 12" Turkey Breast on Honey Wheat bread, we cruised along the I-15 frontage road, with a great tailwind.

We hit some rolling hills and saw a sign that said Ogden was 15 miles away. "Wow, we're almost done for the day and my knee is feeling pretty good." Kim warned us that a pretty intense hill was coming up, but then it was downhill into Ogden. I motored up the hill and reached the top before the other riders. It was a challenge, which was confirmed my 175 heart rate. The downhill to Ogden was fun, fast, and smooth.

We checked into the fabulous Ogden Hampton Inn and got cleaned up for the team dinner at Bistro 258. The sponsored dinner was great. Lots of people were there, including: the riders, some of the riders' wives/families/significant others, Bingham's Cyclery representatives, "No Limits Cycling" supporters, and the Utah ADA Tour de Cure director. Kim, Pete, and Derek stood up, thanked everyone for coming, and said a few words about the ride. We wrapped up the dinner with brownie sundaes for everyone. They were yummy.

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day of riding.

BG, Carbs, Etc.
Besides my nighttime low, my BG's today were pretty good. I did have a 247 an hour before lunch. I think the higher BG was from all the starting/stopping, so I wasn't riding as hard. I ate about 600 gms of carbs today. I also plan to lower my nighttime basal rate.

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